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What is a Pole Mount Transformer?

We see them every day, without even knowing what they are……just hanging around. Different styles, and colours. My son asked me one day while driving, “what’s that thing hanging on the pole”, I proceeded to get all technical about how transformers work and how big they...

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Meet Gunther

        Director   Günther Tonitz “Life is a song, sometimes we cry it but mostly we must sing it” – Gunther (When I was seriously challenged in my life, this is a saying that kept me standing).   Who is Günther Tonitz? I love to read and have a vast subject list...

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Meet Berndt

  Managing Director Berndt Tonitz “Hard work spotlights the character of people: Some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, some don’t turn up at all  Since I started with the Power Transformers, 32 years ago, my strength always lay in not being afraid...

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Meet Eddie

    Director   Eddie Hermanus Who is Eddie Hermanus? “Husband, Father, Grandfather, Business Partner, Avid reader, Cooking enthusiast, WP, Stormers and Springbok rugby supporter” How long have you been in the electrical industry?“Since 1988” In what capacity were you...

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Transformer Maintenance

Let’s face it, buying medium voltage equipment is expensive, with units costing up into the hundreds of thousands of rand’s. That’s why maintenance on your transformers, switchgear and miniature substations is essential, a lot like servicing your car is.

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