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Power Transformers provides electrical transformer design, manufacture, testing and supply services to commercial and industrial customers.  We have an enviable reputation based on 25 years of proven delivery, quality and consistent customer service excellence.


We are successful because we treat our customers like partners and regard each relationship as a strategic partnership. The better the relationship with the client, the better the flow of information and thus the better we are able to understand client requirements and consult on the best solutions to address their specific needs.

We believe that the quality of our work and the trust we build in these relationships must be the defining factors for our ongoing success.


Power Transformers has partnered with Devoltage Training Centre host various training courses at our training centre.

Devoltage Training Centre was established in 2009 and has successfully trained and accredited over a thousand artisans and management staff to become an integral part of a current and future safe working force in the High and Medium Voltage community of Africa and beyond. 

Devoltage Training understands industry’s needs, requirements and constraints and services all Electrical Engineering disciplines, specialising in HV Regulations for Authorised or Responsible Persons by doing theoretical, practical assessments and moderations as per EWSETA & SAIEE requirements.

DEVOLTAGE TRAINING MISSION: To supply quality high voltage training to Utilities, Municipalities, Mines, Petrochemical and large Industrial end-users of electrical energy. We offer top quality training to the above clientele with our range of training services. 



We create a safe working environment for our staff, treat them with the same respect as we do our clients, and see them as our most valuable asset.

We continually invest in our staff to ensure that they stay abreast of new developments within the field and that they are equipped with the best the market has to offer. Our staff are committed to Power Transformers’ quality management protocols and the industry standards we conform to and are trained to the highest level to ensure the customer satisfaction we commit to.

They are encouraged to turn problems into opportunities with innovative thinking based on extensive knowledge, experience and expertise gained in a productive and professional environment.


Some of the courses offered:

Authorised Person (HV01 & HV02& HV03 Eskom)

Practical Switching Assessment (2 days)

Substation Audit  (2 days)

High/ Medium Cable Fault Locating (5 days)

Overhead Line Inspection and Fault Finding  (2 days)

Power System Protection (2 days)

Transformers adn Transformer Maintenance  (SAIEE 0869) (2 days)

Switchgear and Switchgear Maintenance (2 days)

Equipment currently available for practical training includes: 

  • Hawker Siddeley – Type Tyger Switchgear – NX 3 F /NX 2F LH & RH 
  • GEC – Type – T3 OF /T1 Of /T1 
  • Actom – K Range – K4 AF/K3 AF
  • Lucy Type – FRMU 
  • ABB – Tricon Type – TF3
  • Reyrolle – LMT /LMR 
  • Reyrolle – ROK 
  • Long & Crawford 
  • Schneider – IDI
  • ABB – Safering – CCV /CCF/CCC/CCFF




  • Providing quality packaged power solutions at the shortest lead time in the industry to commercial and industrial clients.
  • Product manufacture and supply according to the highest industry quality standards – ISO 9001 and SANS.
  • We invest in keeping large quantities of standard transformers and MV switchgear in stock – we supply quickly and provide 24/7 emergency support to ensure minimal downtime.
  • No other company in the region is able to offer the same scope and range of products and services we do – all expertise are in-house without a need for multiple contacts or contractors
  • Our dedicated departments, infrastructure and highly trained personnel allow fast, full on-site installation, service and supply capabilities.  
  • We do not sell products – our technical team partners with our clients and designs the most appropriate, cost effective systems and solutions according to their needs.