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As an established, trusted company, we manufacture and supply the widest range of transformers, medium and low voltage switchgear and low voltage distribution boards.  

We take great care to guard our hard-earned reputation of proven quality and service standards – All our transformers are manufactured and tested strictly to the SANS 780 specifications and we take pride in our ISO 9001 certification.  For that reason, we provide an industry-best 2-year guarantee on all products that we supply.

Manufactured in our 11,000sqm plant, the range includes distribution transformers and mini-substations ranging from 10 kVA up to 5 MVA with primary voltages from 1kV to 33kV, Step Up and Step Down transformers (mainly used in agricultural environment) and 313.

We further supply a premium range of dry-type transformers manufactured specifically for Power Transformers according to the highest European ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 specifications, and tested according to IEC 60076 quality standards.

Serving a large and established client base of both commercial and industrial customers, we take pride in the fact that no other company in the region is able to offer the same scope and range of products and services we do – all expertise are in-house without a need for multiple contacts or contractors.




  • If you need a quality product, we either have stock immediately available or we will manufacture at the shortest lead time in the industry.
  • If you need on site servicing or installations of electrical equipment, we have a team of qualified, highly trained service personnel available.
  • If you need emergency support, our Support, Response and Repair team is available at all times to with fast response to minimise any potential downtime.



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