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Power Transformers offers Transformer Oil testing, regeneration, recycling, purification and supply services for the full range of electrical transformers.   We have invested in the construction of industry leading infrastructure to allow us to service the full spectrum of requirements including:


  • Full testing, sampling and analysis
  • Heat vacuum oil purification plant
  • Two transformer oil filtering machines
  • Transformer oil regeneration plant
  • Mineral insulating oil test laboratory

Why Sample and Test Transformer Oil

  • Testing of the oil indicates the condition of the transformer and predicts the specific service options.
  • Annual inspection and servicing of the transformer oil increases reliability and extends the lifespan of the transformer. 

Our service starts with the sampling and testing of the oil to determine the following indicators:

  • KV strength – Insulation resistance of oil – +- 60 Kv min requirement
  • Moisture content of oil – Level to be less than 25 ppm
  • Acidity of oil – Acid level in oil to be less than 2 ppm
  • Furan
  • PCB

Each of the above tests add to the history of the transformer and predicts the service options that the unit will require.

Transformer Oil Service options include:

  • Filter oil purification on site – reduces impurities and moisture content
  • Heat vacuum oil purification – reduces moisture and gas contamination
  • Oil replacement ( new or regenerated ) – required if acid levels is to high

What is regenerated Transformer Oil?

We built our own Regeneration plant, and have provided the industry with regenerated oil for the last 8 years. Regeneration of transformer oil is achieved by passing the oil through a specific type of filter medium that removes all impurities and acidity from the oil.   After regeneration, the properties of the oil is the same as new oil, although a small possibility of minor PCB contamination ( within local std limits ) is fairly common in regenerated oil.  Regenerated oil is commonly used when transformer or switchgear oil requires replacement, as opposed to the use of new oil.

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  • If you need a quality product, we either have stock immediately available or we will manufacture at the shortest lead time in the industry.
  • If you need on site servicing or installations of electrical equipment, we have a team of qualified, highly trained service personnel available.
  • If you need assistance with a new electrical proposal, we have a technical team with decades of experience who will collaborate with you to find the most cost effective, appropriate solution.
  • If you need emergency support, our Support, Response and Repair team is available at all times to with fast response to minimise any potential downtime.