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30 years of experience - extensive infrastructure and highest industry standards and specifications

24/7 Emergency Support - Equipment and dedicated staff to ensure minimal disruptions

Complete Service, Maintenance and Repair expertise for all installations

Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Power and Distribution Transformers


Power Transformers is our clients’ go-to contractor when it comes to the design of cutting edge, turnkey electrical systems.

We offer a complete electrical “Packaged Power Solution” –  we partner with our clients from project inception to commissioning and offer the full range of services encompassing all components such as design, manufacture, installation, testing and commissioning as well as providing service contracts to ensure that installations are properly and regularly maintained.

Our products include transformers and mini-substations ranging from 10 kVA up to 5 MVA with primary voltages from 1kV to 33kV. All our transformers are manufactured and tested strictly to the SANS 780 specifications and we take pride in our ISO 9001 certification.


  • Providing quality packaged power solutions at the shortest lead time in the industry to commercial and industrial clients.
  • Product manufacture and supply according to the highest industry quality standards – ISO 9001 and SANS.
  • Our experience, knowledge, and innovative thinking combined with creative flair means we design appropriate solutions for every client.
  • Exceptional Project Managementproven Customer Service and guaranteed quality – all products carry an industry leading 2 Year Guarantee (t&c).
  • Extensive factory premises with on- and off-site Infrastructure including industrial cranes and lifts enables us to work in any location and respond quickly to all client requirements.
  • A large and highly trained team of professionals in their respective fields, equipped to the best possible standards and determined to deliver on expectation and on time.



Industrial Electrical Construction and Electrical System Design

Manufacturing of Low Voltage Distribution Boards



Step Up / Down Transformers

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Mini Substations

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Distribution Transformers

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Dry Type Transformers

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Low Voltage Panels

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Medium Voltage Switchgear

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Pole Mount Transformers

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  • Providing quality packaged power solutions at the shortest lead time in the industry to commercial and industrial clients.
  • Product manufacture and supply according to the highest industry quality standards – ISO 9001 and SANS.
  • We invest in keeping large quantities of standard transformers and MV switchgear in stock – we supply quickly and provide 24/7 emergency support to ensure minimal downtime.
  • No other company in the region is able to offer the same scope and range of products and services we do – all expertise are in-house without a need for multiple contacts or contractors
  • Our dedicated departments, infrastructure and highly trained personnel allow fast, full on-site installation, service and supply capabilities.  
  • We do not sell products – our technical team partners with our clients and designs the most appropriate, cost effective systems and solutions according to their needs.