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With our dedicated support and service departments, Power Transformers is a trusted partner for switchgear manufacturing, servicing, maintenance and repairs.

Our teams and facilities are fully equipped for servicing and maintenance – either On Site or in our fully equipped Workshop.  We offer full service contracts as well as fast ad-hoc response to any short term or emergency needs – our clients have learned to rely on us for full lifecycle support for all three types of MV Switchgear in use in Africa – Oil Insulated, Dry Type/Air Insulated or  Gas and Vacuum.

Why service/maintain MV switchgear?

  • To ensure reliability
  • To ensure safe operating of switchgear during normal use and fault conditions.

History of commonly used MV switchgear:

Oil insulated Switchgear was commonly installed up to 2008 and is still used in some instances. Air and gas (vacuum) insulated MV Switchgear started to replace the oil type in the 1990’s but was initially a much more expensive alternative option. Today it is common practice to install new gas ( vacuum ) Switchgear instead of oil due to less maintenance, more reliability, and much safer operational use.

Service intervals would differ between different manufacturers and is further dependant on the operational usage of the equipment.  Most privately used MV Switchgear only operates during maintenance or fault conditions and are thus not used frequently.  For this reason, it requires less frequent maintenance.

Service Options for Oil/Dry Type Switchgear:

  • It is recommended that Oil-Type Switchgear is inspected on an annual basis, and an oil replacement done on a 3 to 5 yearly basis, depending on the frequency of operation of the units. (or as per manufacturers recommendation ).
  • Mechanical operation and condition of Switchgear checking and testing.
  • Checking of cable terminations.
  • Replacement of gaskets if applicable.
  • Contact resistance of contacts.
  • Protection Relay testing ( in case of circuit breaker ).
  • All aspects and service as per manufacturer recommendation.

Service Options for Gas/Vacuum type Switchgear:

  • Gas levels to be checked on annual basis ( and before any operation ).
  • Mechanical operation checking and testing.
  • Speed curve testing of Circuit breakers.
  • Protection Relay testing.
  • Checking of Cable terminations.
  • All aspects and service as per manufacturer recommendation.

Makes of Oil Switchgear serviced by Power Transformers:

  • Reyrolle type JK
  • Reyrolle Type ROK
  • Reyrolle type LM
  • Long and Crawford
  • JD Statter
  • GEC – T gear – T1 – T1 OF – T3 OF
  • Lucy – FRMU
  • Hawker Siddely – Type Tyger X 1- X 1F – X 2F –NX3 F
  • Actom – K range – K1 – K1 Af – K3 AF
  • Tricon – RMU

Makes of SF 6 / Vacuum type Switchgear serviced and installed by Power Transformers:

  • Schneider – RM6 –
  • ABB – Safe ring and safe plus
  • Lucy –
  • Eaton –

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  • If you need a quality product, we either have stock immediately available or we will manufacture at the shortest lead time in the industry.
  • If you need on site servicing or installations of electrical equipment, we have a team of qualified, highly trained service personnel available.
  • If you need assistance with a new electrical proposal, we have a technical team with decades of experience who will collaborate with you to find the most cost effective, appropriate solution.
  • If you need emergency support, our Support, Response and Repair team is available at all times to with fast response to minimise any potential downtime.