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Managing Director

Berndt Tonitz

“Hard work spotlights the character of people:
Some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, some don’t turn up at all


Since I started with the Power Transformers, 32 years ago, my strength always lay in not being afraid to push through and work as hard as one could to get the job done, effectively, efficiently and as professionally as possible.

I admire and respect those who don’t wait for things to happen but who build a strong work ethic by getting their hands dirty.

The very best way to move forward in life is by doing, learning from failure and acknowledging that there are no secrets to success.

Starting off as apprentice in the trade, I attained valuable knowledge and skill, both technically and practically, but realized very early on in my career, that team work is an essential part of achieving success.

Great things in business are never done by 1 person alone – each individual plays a pivotal part in the formation and prosperity of the company, from the humble cleaning exec to boardroom table.

I am part of a great team at Power Transformers, constantly challenging and inspiring each other to work toward a common vision in achieving our goals for the future.

Fulfilment in life should be tied to goals, keep the momentum going by constantly adding to this list as if you aim for nothing you will achieve the same. Write it down, break it into steps, create the plan and back it with the action – never think small, Dreams are meant to be big!

Balance in life is key!

As a family man who enjoys the outdoors: golfing, fishing, running, hunting, camping, it is important for me to maintain the balance and focus on those dearest to me. All the success in the world cannot be enjoyed if you have no-one to go home to and share it with.

I strive for a great work ethic: Accountability, Integrity and Respect for my clients, colleagues and self and in so doing expect the same in return

As quoted by my son’s hero

Dwayne the Rock Johnson
“Be humble, be hungry,
and always be the 
hardest worker in the room.”


Humble yourself. Be inspired. Stay focused.