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For the uninitiated, The African Utility Week is an industrial exhibition focusing on power, energy, water, oil  & gas sectors, held at the Cape Town Convention Centre in May.



Once again, the Power Transformers (Pty) Ltd experience of the African Utility Week (AUW) was a thoroughly enjoyable one. In 2018 we played a supporting role for exhibitors GBE SPA as the local agent for their range of Cast Resin Transformers. This year took on the more active role of sharing a stand with GBE and displaying our Oil Cooled Transformer range alongside an example GBE’s 1250kVA Cast Resin Transformer.


Why Exhibit?

The AUW provides a platform not only to showcase products or services but an opportunity to interact with other industry players and enables one to witness the results of development, innovations and at times complete paradigms shifts in design, materials & components use.



A question that has however been asked by a number of exhibitors we had contact with was if the Return On Investment was justified, i.e. “Does the cost involved to exhibit and have some, if not all of the senior members of your team tied up for 3 days, generate enough leads and by extension business opportunities?”
The answer to this question is not that easy to quantify, especially in the first few months after the exhibition. It should however not be viewed as an exercise done in isolation as there would have to consistent follow up to build relationships with the new contacts and create awareness around your brand.


Making The Most Of Opportunity

In my opinion, the benefit is the in the opportunity. In being able to meet so many like-minded people in the same space over a short period of time. The value exchange over the 3 days was inspiring, with so many interesting people freely sharing information and ideas on possible future collaborations. The point is, what transpires after the introductions have been made and business cards exchanged, is up to you.


Next African Utility Week

This year’s exhibition really served as a motivator for our team. The ideas on how to better showcase our products and services are flowing thick and fast and the chances are good that we’ll be back in 2020, taking all the lessons learnt, to make the next experience even more memorable for future clients, suppliers and project partners we meet at the show.


No Need To Wait

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