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Power Transformers has been supplying, installing and maintaining MV switchgear and transformers for more than 30 years. Our staff has built up knowledge of installation, service, repair and operating all old and new type of MV Switchgear over this period of time, as this normally forms part of our scope of work when installing transformers of all types and sizes.


Over the past 30 years the MV switchgear that is commonly being used has changed significantly in many aspects that includes: insulation materials, operating procedures and types of SG that is available on the market. This is due to new technologies that are being implemented on an ongoing basis that creates smaller, safer and less maintenance type of equipment. 


Power transformers has identified the need for practical training on all new and old type of  MV switchgear that is most commonly currently installed and new equipment that is available in the industry . Due to the significantly huge variety of equipment that consists of old and new equipment that is installed, companies do not have the facilities to send their staff for practical training on the variety of equipment that is still installed and the new type that is being installed currently.


Power Transformers have decided that we would make available a facility with a large variety of equipment, old and new that is currently commonly installed and used in industry, to enable learners to do practical training on equipment that is still relative in the marketplace.


Power Transformers has partnered up with Devoltage Training Centre to host various courses at our training facility. 


Devoltage Training Centre has successfully trained and accredited over a thousand artisans and management staff to become an integral part of a current and future safe working force in the High and Medium Voltage community of Africa and beyond. 


Devoltage Training is a recognized training company that strives to properly train people on how to safely operate all types of medium voltage switchgear that is either still in operation today or with what it is being replaced with in the future and will be constantly looking to improve on the knowledge that is being provided to the trainee.